And so it begins…

Car-For-Bike-Swap Eve

As the car-for-bike swapper at the 2011 Tour de Fat-Denver event tomorrow, I will hand over the title to my Ford Explorer in exchange for a Black Sheep Bike and commit to riding it or taking public transit for a solid 365 days.

The Tour de Fat is a festive affair concocted by the New Belgium Brewing Co. to promote alternative transportation and sustainable living. The majority of the participants wear costumes, participate in a bike parade through downtown and then wile away the afternoon listening to music and building community in a city park setting.

I have my costume all set out for tomorrow. I’ll be going as a duck. Mainly because Goodwill and Flossy McGrew’s were a bust and I have a duck costume socked away in the basement.

But the image works. Ducks are amphibious, as I will need to be in the elements. Ducks are lucky and also a little bit quackers. Yes and yes. And my duck costume has really nice padding in the derri-area. Always a plus on a bicycle.

Matt Kowal, the impressive impresario of the Tour de Fat, asked me to write a haiku to share on stage tomorrow during the ceremonial event. That’s a syllabic 5-7-5. It took a few haikus before I settled on this one. Here it is, a sneak preview:

Some think I’m quackers
Trading my car for a bike
I’m a lucky duck

The clincher is that my shirt reads “Lucky Duck.”

Before I sign off for the evening, a picture. While I was out tonight, I noticed a bike rack furnished by New Belgium Brewing Co. right outside the door. Ah, synchronicity. I want to thank them for inspiring this new adventure and thank Black Sheep Bikes for the custom-made bicycle that I will start riding tomorrow.

And so it begins, the journey of a thousand miles, with the push of a pedal.

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