10 minutes of fame

Day 1
0.2 miles

I did it. I signed over the title to the car and got the bike. I got paraded around in a chair by a hilarious troupe of Igors, who then accosted me with all the elements of future rides when I got on stage: cars, dogs, rain and snow. Then my bike came down from the heavens (ok, just the top of the stage) and I got to ride it through a human tunnel of love.

The bike of the car-for-bike swap

This Lucky Duck's New Ride (see more photos via Flickr feed below)

Alas, on my way home, a freak accident occurred with the saddlebag bungee and the hub, and the chain popped off. Day one of 365! So first stop tomorrow morning is the Bike Depot which, God bless it, IS open on Sundays.

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