My new official bike shop

Day 2
11 miles

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing my new official bike shop sponsor: the Bike Depot of Park Hill. After hearing what I was doing for the next year and digging it, they decided that they would like to be my bike shop of choice and be glad to maintain my beautiful new machine free of charge. As they are an amazing non-profit that seeks to improve community health through the joy of biking, not to mention the closest shop to my house, I said, ‘Hell Yeah!’

You’ll see that they have their own special place now in ever-improving footer as my #1 Bike Shop.

So with my bike back in business (bolts tightened, chain taut, mapped up), I rode on. First to my house for a lunchbreak, then the grocery store, and then my dad’s. My dad and I bond over our iPhones, so together we found the BikeCommute app which uses Google Maps’ biking directions to plot your bike route. Unfortunately, the app does not have the usability of my regular iPhone map and makes plotting directions unnecessarily complicated. But, for an extra .99 cents, I bought the Denver Bike Map, so I now have that living on my phone. It doesn’t have a legend, but maybe one day it will come in handy. (Dear Apple: Please bring over the bike directions feature to your iPhone map…)

Everyone who sees the bike, loves the bike. The more I look at it, the more I realize how many amazing components it has. Sure, it has an internal 11-speed hub and disc brakes. But I’m into the practical features: it has a bike-charged headlight and, wait for it, tubeless bike tires! What, no flats?! It doesn’t get better than that on a bike. Thank you Stan’s NoTubes.

I’m looking after some friends’ house in the Highlands, urban farmers who have a flock of chickens and bounteous crops that need watering, so today’s big trip had me reliving the Tour de Fat route for a stretch and then crossing 20th Street to get over 1-25 and then up, up, up into the Highlands, which is where I will sign off from now.

I’m tickled pink to say that this blog has already had 100 readers. Thanks for checking it out, y’all! If there is anything you want to see on this site that I’m missing, drop me a line!

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2 thoughts on “My new official bike shop

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Erin!
    About the tubeless tires: I am assuming all the bikes traded this year have the same rims: ZTR Arch 29ers. While the rims can be fitted to go tubeless, the folks at Black Sheep put tubes in the tires. You have the option to change over to the tubeless system if you wanted to do it, but unless things changed your bike was delivered with tubes in the tires. The tires are Kevlar belted so it would be hard to puncture the tubes.
    My experience with tubeless tires is that the ride is not as smooth as it is with inner tubed tires. I think that’s why Black Sheep didn’t change over.

  2. erin says:

    Everyone, meet Jim, the Fort Collins swapper and my new partner in crime. Thank you for this comment, Jim! I might never have known. So basically our tires are wearing body armor. I feel good about this.


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