Care and feeding of your new Black Sheep

A note from the folks at the Tour de Fat:

Dear Car for Bike Trader,

Hello and congratulations on taking this tremendous step in your life, the air and the birds and the people thank you.  But before you pedal out into this big, great world there are a few things you should know about your new ride.

This is a bicycle, not a magic carpet, so that means it requires a small amount of effort on your part to keep it running smooth.  All it takes is a couple of minutes, take that time and squirt a bit of lube on the chain every now and again, every week or two with any bicycle grade oil should do.  And remember to fill the tires with air at about the same schedule (the total PSI required for your tires is written right on the side wall of your tire, so pay attention to that).  Stay on top of both these things, because there is nothing worse (or more preventable) than a squeaky, sluggish bicycle.

It is also important to take this Black Sheep bicycle into your favorite local bike shop for a quick adjustment and check over after the first couple of weeks of riding.  This time spent in the shop will make sure the brake and shift cables have finished stretching and everything else on your bicycle is settled and staying straight.  Then take it back to that favorite local bike shop about once a year or any other time something just isn’t going or feeling right.  Pay attention to your bike and it will speak its wishes and woes right into your ear.

Armed with a new Black Sheep commuter (and a little know-how) your new car-free lifestyle will blossom like a Midwestern Dogwood in the springtime.  Enjoy my friend and keep pedaling.


Your Friends at the Tour de Fat

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