CBS Interview

Day 9
16 miles

The early morning interview for Denver’s CBS Project Green segment went pretty well! I didn’t manage to give credit to anyone I meant to (that means you Black Sheep Bikes, Matt Kowal, fellow swappers and the Bike Depot), but nevertheless, I managed to keep talking during a live interview, so I consider it a success.

You can watch it here.

What a gorgeous, sunshiny day it was today. But at 6 a.m., when I was biking to the interview, I got a good taste of what the 40s feel like: cold.

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7 thoughts on “CBS Interview

  1. Love your debut here! You sound great–upbeat confident and a great spokeswoman for getting on one’s bike for exercise and to reduce the carbon footprint. Loved it! And smiled to see you “live” and looking well! My only issue: did they have to start the clip with a CAR commercial? 🙂 Keep up your great work and your great PR work! Way to go Erin!!

  2. Joe Campe says:

    Great work Erin!

    Nice cameo pics of Adam, Ashley, Kellen and Jason. 🙂

  3. erin says:

    Thanks Jeannie! It was such good experience to do a live interview. If you thought the car commercial was funny, the segment after mine covered luxury yachts, cars and other accoutrements to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Hilarious.

  4. erin says:

    Isn’t that a riot! I told Adam about that yesterday. Especially because his photo is him trying to figure out how to take a picture on my phone. They were just rolling the 365bike album I have on Flickr, but the actual car-for-bike swap pics might have played better.

  5. Great job on getting the word out.I thought I would get maybe a little attention from various media sources for being a bike trader–at least that’s what New Belgium made me think. I’m still waiting for that first interview, but it will never come, as my year has already passed. It is probably for the best, however, as I don’t have the right type of personality to shine the spotlight on.

  6. Kellen and I just watched it and were screaming when our photos came up. Great job, Erin! We’re proud of you!

  7. erin says:

    Though we were all bemoaning the fact that they didn’t use b-roll or any pics of the staged event, I personally loved that you two were all over the Flickr feed!


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