Day 14
14 miles

… is here. I say every season is my favorite season, but I really mean it with autumn. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous yesterday and today, and is forecast to continue through next week.

I didn’t write yesterday because I had a fierce and thankfully short-lived head cold and I don’t believe in bemoaning my existence publicly during such an occurrence. Also, I got homemade chicken noodle soup out of the deal and to watch Bridesmaids on repeat, so really the day wasn’t a total wash. I just realized that it was also day 13 of 365 of this adventure. Don’t think I didn’t blog because I’m superstitious.

But can you believe it’s day 14? Only two weeks down?! It’s felt soooo muuuuuch loooonnnnger. (In a good way, of course …)

I went to the grocery store today and, out of habit, I went to one on the way instead of out of the way and closer to home. I had to buy some heavy stuff, and then bike a hilly three miles with it, but it wasn’t so bad. I’m so used to those panniers now.

Today’s Bike Commuter of the Day (BCOTD) Award goes to a woman, she must have been an architect, who was carrying a huge canister of blueprints strapped to her front and extending over her handlebars. Badassery.

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