The hill was alive

Day 16
2.2 miles

The ‘hood was swarming today with the 33rd annual Park Hill Home Tour, where seven homeowners opened their doors to an estimated 1,500 members of the general public. Proceeds from the $15 tickets sales benefited the Greater Park Hill Community, Inc., whose goal is to foster community in a neighborhood that they say “holds the honor of being the largest, longest-existing, stable multi-racial community in the United States.”

You wouldn’t guess all this was going on if you just rode your bike past; you’d just think Park Hill was a friendly place that hosted roaming garden parties on the weekend. But I couldn’t please everyone by attending this time around, I just had to please myself and pedal on through to a family brunch.

I know my mileage has been a little paltry as of late — there’s been some carpooling. But tomorrow I should be logging nearly 30 miles with a 10-mile round-trip jaunt to an office just north of Globeville and then the 18-mile haul to South Lakewood to play some kickball (to refresh the collective memory, this is the league I signed up for BEFORE I decided to go car-free).

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