Along the industrial corridor

Day 17
25.2 miles

As promised, I covered some ground today.

Starting from Park Hill, I rode up side streets to the MLK bikepath, headed west to Marion, up to the 38th St. viaduct sidewalk bike path and under I-70. But I made a mistake in not seeking out side streets right away when I got to Globeville, and instead pedaled my way up Washington Street — a shoulderless road that is worse for the wear from all the heavy equipment and trucks that call that road their main thoroughfare. I just rode the bumpy white line as fast as I could and repeated a silent mantra in my head: don’t crash, don’t crash, don’t pop a tire on the sharp detritus, don’t crash. I made it. My apologies to the Washington Street users of yesterday: I had no business being there.

Today, a friend sent an article on the other drawback of biking through the industrial part of town: bikers lung.

On the way from that neck of the woods to south Lakewood, I rode the back streets of Globeville until they met up with the South Platte Trail. It brought back memories of the time an ex of mine (not a Colorado native) wanted to buy up some really undervalued real estate there! Sounds superfun(d), I said, but no.

Again, with the me-not-stopping-to-take-pictures issue, I’ll instead have to describe them to you with words: metallic warehouses in a southwest design reaching stark fingers into a clear blue sky; the shadows that the steep wall of the highway creates on Globeville Road; the railyards; a skater posse recording their feats under the Park Avenue offramp from I-25; the impossibly green grass of Commons Park against the downtown backdrop; a sidewalk chalked advertisement for the Strange Brewing Co.; the Platte, both in its engineered and natural states and the bridges that cross it; the Wild West feel of the Bear Creek trail with its wooden constructs; and the way that same trail leads to a sweeping panorama of the Front Range, with scrub bushes, wildflowers and prairie dogs along the forefront.

Tomorrow, Obama is in town. Bike advantage #23: Not worrying about street closures or traffic jams.

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