Lost among locusts

Day 19
0 miles

On Tuesday this week, a plague of locusts hit Denver. Seriously. They were hopping all over the Clear Creek and South Platte trails. I don’t have any beef with locusts myself, so I did my best to dodge them.

For those riding the Clear Creek trail from the west, pay close attention to an trail intersection that happens just outside of the scope of the Denver Bike Map, past Lowell and up around the 60s. Really easy to make the mistake of continuing forward on a path to Westminster instead of taking the right that keeps you on the Clear Creek trail heading east. Here’s what that looks like:

If this tree could talk, it would tell you to take a right


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3 thoughts on “Lost among locusts

  1. your photo caption is perfect

  2. Ryan J Hanschen says:

    That intersection has fooled me before!

    And on the north side of the lake there, you can also head up the ramp (instead of into the tunnel) and hop onto eastbound 64th Ave for a few yards, then back to the Clear Creek Trail. You’ll cut out the two tunnels there – that more often than not are flooded or filled with flood debris.

  3. erin says:

    Your second blog comment, Ryan! You are absolutely right about those tunnels. I had to go through with legs in the air.


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