GABF en bicyclette

Day 20
10 miles

I didn’t want to schlep around too much stuff at the Great American Beer Festival, so I figured out a way to lock my locks together on the back rack, threw my pretzel necklace around my neck and set off. So many people rode down that the bike racks were overflowing and bikes lined the temporary barriers. Paranoid, as always, about leaving the bike downtown, I ventured further afield to find a permanent rack in a well-lit and -populated spot.

As for my inaugural visit to the GABF: Whoa.

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3 thoughts on “GABF en bicyclette

  1. Did they have the silent disco up and running at the beer fest? Hilarious!

  2. p.s. Did you visit Mad River Brewery?

  3. erin says:

    I was tied to a table volunteering for most of it. Totally overwhelmed by the options at the old GABF so I missed Mad River, Six Rivers and I think Eel was there, too. Definitely got a taste of the Front Range though.


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