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Halloween from the Handlebars

Day 52
6 miles

A beautiful Halloween day had me riding home early from work and under the weather. Bleech. That is all. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s way-more-entertaining Month in Review!

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Busting out the balaclava

Day 49
13 miles

Back on the bike today after two days of busing it through the snow and ice. The day was gorgeous, though chilly to start. So, I busted out the balaclava. As a result, Vampire Weekend has been running through my head all day. I do look a bit psychotic in the balaclava, but it’s so amazingly warm that I don’t care.



Fall Snowfall

Day 47

Today was the first day on this 365-day biking adventure that I took public transit. A bus, to be precise. I was heading out to do the walk, but then I Googled the transit map and realized the bus picked me up literally across the street and delivered me within a block of where I was going. Aaaamaaaazing! And I had the etiquette down!