Remembering September

Day 22
2 miles so far

Here we are: October. Sun is shining, weather is crisp and bounty is abounding. My first month of bike commuting (though technically only 2/3 of a month) is behind me. Here’s a look at how it went in numbers:

  • 252 miles
  • 0 spills
  • 0 flats
  • 2 inclement weather rides
  • 1 tune-up
  • 2 new additions to the bike
    (center kickstand, bottle cages)
  • About $300 in gear
    (helmet, locks, lights, additions, shorts, gloves, seat cover, pump)
  • 1,547 blog hits
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2 thoughts on “Remembering September

  1. I’m jealous of your blog hits.

  2. That’s a lot of miles in three weeks – nice job, Erin!


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