Near spill experience

Day 24
19.5 miles

Just three miles or so into the ride to Lakewood today, my gear slipped, so my foot slipped, then I slipped off the seat. There I was, running with the bike between my legs, pedals gouging into my legs — totally out of control. I was sure I was going down, but somehow I didn’t. I came to a halt up a little berm on the side of the trail still upright. Just a few gashes and bruises.

Got back on the horse and made the best time yet. Wahooza. Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride.



One thought on “Near spill experience

  1. Good save! Nothing like going down to shake your confidence, or sometimes just having a close call. And then again, sometimes practice makes perfect. Last winter coworkers were always expressing concern that I might crash in the snow or on the ice. My response was typically: “Already have once today. I’m getting pretty good at falling.”

    Snow and ice aren’t so bad. The force of the crash is more easily distributed when you slide on the ground. My faster slick crashes have been the least painful.


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