Lines (paper and road)

Day 25
28 miles

I did some catching up on my bike-related reading today. The highlights included:

And so on, down the rabbit hole that is the world wide web. I generally keep a good track record of worthy reads on this blog’s Facebook page.

But these weren’t the only lines I was paying attention to in Denver today. This morning, I passed a city worker in a little open-air motorized wagon-type vehicle repainting the white bike lane lines down 22nd Street. It was just him in a pair of coveralls with a crappy blue mask to keep the VOCs out, and a white city truck with its yellow lights backing him up. Here’s a look at his finished work, standing up to a rainburst.

I guess the biking man gets his touch-up next trip

The argument has been made before and it will be made again: if you build it, they will come. Denver isn’t slacking when it comes to building biking infrastructure, so hop on your ride and come enjoy the bikescape!

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