Left behind

Day 26
8 miles

It’s amazing that 26 days have gone by on this blog without mention of my dog. Meet Zane Underfoot:

[Ok, apologies for the silly dog video, but I couldn’t find an adorable picture handy and something possessed me to push record the other morning at the park.]

Anyway, Zane’s pretty talented as you can see. He sits, he fetches, he wags, he can even run beside my bicycle on  a leash … mostly in a straight line (we haven’t crashed yet). But while he can play fetch all day long, he gets pretty worn out running by my bike after several blocks.

I used to take Zane everywhere in the car. Now he stays home a lot more. And cries about it.

So I’m contemplating dog trailers. I’m laughing at the thought of hauling around my 80+ pound dog, but I’m so sad leaving him behind that I might be ready to embrace the absurdity.

Anyone have any good, realistic ideas of how to cart around a dog with a bike? Would he really fit in a bike trailer? Would he be comfortable in an enclosed space? If it was open, would he stay in? Would there be room on the bike path for whatever contraption I end up hauling?

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5 thoughts on “Left behind

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Erin,
    Duncan Madog has his own trailer and/or media cart that he rode in the TDF parade. Of course Duncan is only 28 lbs and his legs are short. You should look around to see if anyone would let you borrow a cart to see if Zane would appreciate riding in one.

    I’ll post some pictures of him riding behind the Black Sheep in a few days! The cart is a modified Mongoose kiddie trailer that I purchased at a rummage sale for $20.


  2. Aaron Martin says:

    I ride with a kid trailer that can have two kids rated for 40 or 50lbs each. So you could do that…hauling 80lbs is pretty signifigant though.

  3. erin says:

    I know! It might be a fools errand trying to figure this thing out… I have enough work cut out for me hauling my own weight around. 🙂

  4. erin says:

    Sight unseen, I love this Duncan Madog. Absolutely terrific name!

  5. erin says:

    Jim elaborates on DM’s trailer here: http://eegraphics.com/roadside/?p=2300


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