Day 27
0 miles, 2 rides

People: Please stop saying you are ready for Winter/wish it was Winter/are wondering why it’s still so warm out. Seriously? Is everyone so freaked out by global warming that they forgot that the first day of Fall was two weeks ago? I mean, really. The first day of Winter is just a few days before Christmas, and then we have all of January, February and March to revel in it. Let’s chillax and let the good sun shine. I, for one, am in no rush for Winter.


5 thoughts on “Undercurrent

  1. AGREED. Mostly because I’m not looking forward to riding in the dark every evening in the freezing cold and ice. The bike paths start to get pretty lonely. Winter can get pretty long for bike commuters. It can be as late as it wants.

  2. I’m happy to see cooler weather, but I’m just fine holding off on the snow and icy stuff for a few more months. I’m not ready to go back to bike luge-ing just yet.

  3. erin says:

    Bike luge-ing! Love it.

  4. erin says:

    I bet winter can get lonely for the bike commuter. Do you go with the studded tires, Jason?

  5. I have yet to go studded. It’s such a toss here in Denver. It’ll be froze over in the morning but afternoon melted and soggy. I think a moderately treaded tire does the trick but there are some days.


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