Day 30
15 miles

Dearest subscribers of the b(ike)log: In my ongoing effort to record something everyday about the bike adventure, I mistakenly sat down to blog last night with my beer goggles on, leaving you fine people to wake up this morning and find a special delivery of incoherent rambling in your inbox. I’m embarrassed. It didn’t go unnoticed. Some of my friends really appreciated it. One even said it was poetic. My mom was a little concerned… Getting to keep the little treasures that get stricken from the blog, well that’s just one more reason to subscribe!

Today, I set my course through 16th Street Mall, which is open to bike traffic on Sundays. For those not from around Denver, 16th Street is a pedestrian/transit mall downtown that runs from the Capitol to LoDo. I suppose the reason it’s not open everyday to bikes is the potential nuisance we are to the bus drivers, but it sure makes getting through downtown easy.

After the all-day downpour yesterday, I really appreciated the contrast of today’s gorgeous sunny sky.


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