Material Girl

Day 31
5 miles

It probably goes without saying at this point, but the choice to go car-free has had a domino effect on the rest of my life. I was struck today with how it’s curbed my shopping habit.

With a car, it’s easy to get lured off the road into bright shiny stores, just to go browse for a minute. But when you are on a bike, a few things happen:

-Strip malls aren’t so welcoming to bikes – there’s a lot of cars doing unpredictable things in the parking lot, often no bike racks in front of the stores and most take sidewalk-riding to get to.
-There’s really no space on the bike to haul a bunch of stuff.
-And who has the time to shop around when bike commuting takes up most of the extra time you had in your day anyway?

In the past month, I’ve shopped alright, but the store is part of the planned route and mainly I go for groceries and bike gear. Since I take home my goods in two panniers now, the food is fresh and the goods are essential. Bygone are the days of buying in bulk.

So what’s at play here is so very interesting to me. I decided to pedal-power my way around town and as a result I shop local, eat fresh and save money. Good begets good.

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