Bicycle Mixtape

Day 42
No miles

I love mixtapes. Always have. Growing up, I coveted music and built a huge library of it. I came by it honestly – one of my earliest memories with my dad is spending entire day at one of his friends’ houses copying almost every cassette that guy had. I’ve made dozens of mixes. To some, I am the all-time queen of mixtapes (I remain incredulous of this designation).

It’s hard for me to believe how accessible music is anymore and how easy it is to make and share mixes, considering I used to spend a fortune and hours pressing REC and STOP on the dual deck tape player.

So, friends, I’ve made you a mix. It has a theme you might guess at. Songs about bicycles. I have to thank a few friends who’ve sent some of these tunes my way, and the interwebs for awesome lists like these.

Without further adieu:

Hank Sundown & The Roaring Cascades – Fucking Ford
“why won’t this effin’ Ford go?” a nod to my old ride

Masters Of Reality – Bicycle
haunting blip of a song about nightriding

Khachaturian – Sabre Dance (as heard in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure)
the original tagline of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure?: The Story of a Rebel and his Bike (the Elfman tracks aren’t on Spotify)

Paul Kotheimer – Bicycle
catchy, afropoppy!

Shout Out Louds – Bicycle
dreamy little ode to a bike-ridin’ heartbreaker

The Ditty Bops – Wishful Thinking
old-timey, mandolin harmony that has the word ‘bicycle’ in it, once!

John Fahey – Bicycle Built For Two
as in Daisy, Daisy … but it’s John Fahey!

Tennessee Mafia Jug Band – Bicycle Wreck
jug band waxes poetic about a chain break reaction

World Atlas – Girl on a Boys’ Bike
‘makes you feel like you’re someone else’

Zoë Lewis – Bicycle
‘i’m gonna ring my bell, it’s a sunny day!’

Terry Ohms – My Bike is Fast
‘my bike is fast! and my legs are strong, and i’m thinking about selling my car, and growing my garden.’

Frances England – Bicycle
‘bicycle, bicycle, fly over concrete’

And the beat goes on:

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