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Storm’s a comin’

Day 81

It’s supposed to snow a good fist deep tonight, so I’ve made plans to carpool tomorrow. Turns out, there’s a group of women from my office who all live in my ‘hood, go right where I’m going and even get a per head discount at their parking lot. I’m looking forward to cozy carpool klatch time tomorrow morn’.

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Almost famous

Day 79
6.5 miles

Bonus #211 of riding a bike: new coworkers have something to know you by. “Oh, you’re Bike Girl.” Sounds more heroic than it is, but its great how that little piece of gossip precedes and ingratiates me.


Aaaand … I’m spent

Day 77
6 miles

Have to admit I was feeling yesterday’s ride a little bit today. Got up and went, but didn’t have the get up and go I’m used to.

It was a banner Denver day, though. I thoroughly toured the Capitol, I hit Casa Bonita (and as usual, it hit back) and swung by the City and County array on the way home.


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