One’s not such a lonely number on 11/1/11

Day 53
3 miles down, 10 miles ahead

Saying ‘Yes’ to No-vember

Last night, in my fevered haze, I was warming up to all the awesome things ahead in November. Two events come to mind right away (well, three if you count Thanksgiving): Movember, where the menfolk get going with some amazing moustaches, and National Novel Writing Month, where a bunch of underemployed humanities majors set out to accomplish an extraordinary feat in 30 days or less.

So I say we start saying Hell Yeah! to November by calling it ‘Yes-vember!’ (Pass it on!) And, while I can’t grow a mustache (well, I try really hard to suppress one, actually…), I can write and I am an underemployed humanities major, so I just signed up to write that novel. And since I have all you loyal readers checking in on me (thank you for that), I have the pressure I need. Working title: Yesvember!

October Happened

Now for my Month in Review. It got cold. This past weekend, I started feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by the icy road ahead and its impact on my social life.

Here’s the hard facts:

  • 245.8 miles
  • 1 near spill
  • 0 flats
  • 1 Womens Mechanic Class
  • 1 snowstorm
  • 2 bus rides
  • 1 renegade weekend with a truck up and down Soulfax
  • 1 new addition to the bike: cue clip
  • 5 new pieces of gear: rain cape, bike shoes, balaclava, camelback and dog trailer
  • 1,155 blog hits this month, 2,702 all time
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