All my b*tches love me

Day 56
6 miles

I was out with my sister’s sisters last night when “Teach Me How to Dougie” came on. I was like: TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE.

Put your arms out front/lean side to side

And I was Dougie-ing.

So today, riding in the glorious sunshine, what was running through my head? All my b*tches love me/all my, all my b*tches love me.

It was a surprisingly inspirational mantra.

It’s obvious enough that uptempo music makes you workout harder, as your body strives to keep the beat. But they’ve started proving it.

At first I was concerned about having headphones in on the road. But as I’ve become more comfortable with the routes, I’m all about the tunes. And that generic CamelBak I have now isn’t just useful for hydration, it has the perfect pocket for my iPhone and a headphone hole (yes, that’s the technical term). Without fail, when I have a mix like Pop, Drop and Gimme 20 in, I crank.

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