Time keeps on slippin’

Day 57

It’s here, the day I dread all year: the end of Daylight Savings Time. I find it bad manners to add an hour to the day just to take it away later. And so abruptly! Say goodbye to the sun for a while, worker bees – you’ll be coming home now in a cloak of darkness.

I’m not alone in my desire to raise hell on this subject – DST brings out a little attitude in everyone: columnists – sure, it’s a crowd pleaser; 1856 people (well, 1857 now) in a Facebook group called Daylight Savings Time Sucks; and especially mommies – just search the term “i hate daylight savings,” you’ll see.

They should. It’s just. not. natural.

I’ve whipped together a few of the sassiest (and most well-written) articles railing on and/or poking fun at the subject. I don’t condone or condemn any of the opinions expressed in these (especially the blogging intern who thinks it’s cute to get all upper-crusty about my man Ben Franklin!). Feel the rage and enjoy!

Bye DST: Dark days loom ahead
Jon Mark Beilue for the Globe-News
“‘It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness,’ Eleanor Roosevelt once said. Easy for her to say.

Daylight Savings Time is a Waste of Time
Alexandra Petri for The Washington Post Opinions
“‘Ben Franklin thought daylight saving time was a good idea!’ these people say. ‘For farmers.’ Ben Franklin also thought that it was a good idea to make the turkey the national bird! Ben Franklin gave advice in something called Poor Richard’s Almanack. Why would you take advice from a guy who advertised how poor he was in the title?”

How George W. Bush Ruined Daylight Savings Time
Barron YoungSmith for The New Republic
“There was something unsettling and creepily disproportionate about the idea that Congress couldn’t muster the will to improve energy efficiency, so it voted to change time itself—but leave that aside.”

Daylight Savings Tim
Alysia Gray Painter for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
“I cried a bit. Tim, I asked, do you think things are better in Arizona and Indiana?”

And, this one, for an excellent little overview on the history and current discussion over DST
Carol Robidoux for Patch.com
“Either way, looks like daylight-saving time is here to stay. David Prerau, for one, isn’t losing sleep over it except, perhaps, on March 11, 2012.”



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