Chain reaction

Day 59
.5 miles

A funny thing about hating on anything is that you always find the silver lining in it later down the road. For example, after hating on DST, the bright and early wake-up it provided me got me off and running so early that even though the chain popped off somewhere around the wafting zoo smells (something I can’t just pull over and fix with the internal hub), I still had the time to walk back home, find alternative transportation (in this case, commandeering a vehicle) and make it to work on time.

Another thing I want to say: I adore silk long underwear. I don’t really have my bottoms figured out yet in terms of commute-wear (thoughts, fellow bikers?), so the long underwear is bridging the gap. I can get places in my normal pants without my legs chapping and when I arrive the magic of silk releases the heat and I’m comfortable.

Also, now that the temperature seems to be maxing out in the 50s, I’m introducing some warming spices into my diet along with other foods that have a thermogenic effect (cayenne, other peppers, ginger, root veggies, green tea) and avoiding the foods that cool the system (light greens and fruits, for example).


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One thought on “Chain reaction

  1. Aaron Martin says:

    For me I don’t mind if legs stay exposed and are a bit cold. In the winter I wear wool knickers which keep my knees covered and warm. If it rains my legs get wet but I stay warm. If it gets close to freezing I wear a pair of cycling tights under the knickers. But I rode for two winters with nothing but blue jeans and long underwear and was fine. I just wouldn’t be out in the rain too much.

    As for your chain issue do you have a chain tensioner? Or is it tensioned based on wheel placement?


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