Day 64
1.5 miles

When I set out to write a daily blog, it first seemed daunting. How would I have enough content to fill a page everyday? How many things can you say about riding a bike? But, when I sit down to write these blog entries, I’m flooded with the million directions they could go. Especially when I skip a day. Should I talk about my dear friend who’s in town visiting and how she’s the first person to ever successfully make me ride on the handlebars? Or what about this gusty fall day with its swirls of spontaneous color filling the air? Or my mini-dilemma of leaving my nightlight on the Bike Depot shop bike when I went to exchange it for mine today, and how they’re closed ’til Tuesday? Or do I let you in on this piece of inspiring daily journaling? How about I just leave it at that.


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