The upside of road rage

Day 66
6 miles

On my way to work today (yesterday), I had a driver inform me: “You’re not a car, you know?” as I was nearly run over by said driver. I had come up to a stop sign where I usually head straight across to an alley. I had stopped at the sign – all clear – and started heading that way, when this guy suddenly comes careening right through a stop sign (squealing tires and all) just a few yards from me and flies into a left hand turn onto the street I’m on, causing me to stop abruptly and a little bit in the left of the lane. But he has the time to slow down and inform me of this truism. Sheesh, man.

That’s the thing about riding a bike everywhere. Unlike in a car, you’re not insulated from the world. This is generally a great thing – except for inclement weather days and when people want to yell at you. There are a lot more hellos, smiles and waves on my commute. A lot more Vitamin D and fresh air, too. And, my favorite, the chance to get to see things at 10 mph. Graffiti, for example. I’m starting an album.

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2 thoughts on “The upside of road rage

  1. It’s amazing the “wisdom” that gets thrown at you through the open passenger side window of a car when you’re riding your bike. My typical response to “you’re not a car” is: “No, I’m a human being.”

  2. Jim says:

    Man, if I got a dime for every time I’ve heard that one…
    Anyhow, remind me sometime to tell you about the time I was hit by a car while I was carrying a cat under my arm!


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