The shape I’m in

Day 72
15 miles

So, I’ve noticed something: I’m faster. My friend Joe said it would happen after a few months of cycling and, indeed, it finally HAS. And it’s awesome.

I’ve been following the menfolk of this challenge, and they’re just dropping L-Bs left and right, but it wasn’t like that for me at first. At last, I can report that this has changed a little bit and that I’m down 10.

But I would really be remiss if I didn’t tell y’all the super exciting news: I’m the new editor of the Greater Park Hill News – the hyperlocal monthly rag in my ‘hood – effective next year. It’s a dream job, part-time and I’m just excited to take up the gauntlet of improving its content and format. (The Capitol gig is still on and starts tomorrow.)

I’ll tell you what, everything’s coming up roses and I’m stopping to smell them on my bicycle.


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2 thoughts on “The shape I’m in

  1. Greg Lemond said it best, “Cycling never gets easier. You just get faster.”

  2. ERIN!! I’m so glad it’s all coming together. When we met for coffee weeks ago you had lots of positive energy despite intense life and work changes. I was impressed and also a little bit anxious if I had contributed to you being in a pickle by hustling the bike trade too hard. I’m convinced that your attitude and hard work are drawing you good things and that you know what you are doing.

    Good on you!

    You got the TRY and you got the OOMPH – put ’em together, what do you get? TRIUMPH!


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