Bicycle races

Day 74
12.2 miles

The ride to the Capitol is great. Sure, it’s downhill. But even better, the streets in a 10-block radius of the Capitol are crawling with bikers.

Biking friends, tell me if you do this too: Race whenever anyone else is around. Yesterday, I was trying hard to not break a sweat, but as I turned onto 16th, I could see this guy hauling ass about a block back. So, of course, I had to haul ass. It makes me laugh how competitive I am in the bike lanes. All in good fun, of course. But I stayed ahead until my turn on Grant, and didn’t really care that I broke the sweat.

P.S. The real winner? Denver’s climate.


One thought on “Bicycle races

  1. Aaron Martin says:

    In bike racing they have different categories starting at 5 (entry level) going up to cat 1 for the elite. What you describe is commonly known as cat 6…and yes I am guilty of it. Here is a good description from the tubes:

    Cat 6 races are those impromptu races that spring up between bike commuters on otherwise sedate commutes. You know the drill: you’re cruising along, when suddenly you see another rider, either up ahead or gaining from behind, and you kick up the pace to either pass or avoid being passed. The other rider does the same, and the next thing you know, you’re off to the races. That’s a Cat 6 race


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