The things she carried

Day 75
7 miles

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Tomorrow, to celebrate, I’ve got a 55-mile round-trip planned. I’ll head to my old best pal’s house in Broomfield for the morning, then back down to Denver for Thanksgiving dinner with my fam and home again.

It’s supposed to be 65 degrees.

So, now that I’ve been doing this for a while, I think I’ve got myself pretty organized. I’ll be wearing my padded bike shorts and good shoes. (This is where I should probably admit that I haven’t figured out how to install my clips to my bike shoes … gah!) I’ll also have on copious amounts of sunscreen, layers and a camelback with earplugs coming out of it. I’ll carry more water and my lights on the frame. In my panniers I’ll have a change of clothes, hostess gifts and good snacks. And on the cue clip, turn-by-turn directions.

What I’m leaving behind: locks, tools (not that I recommend this) and pumpkin pie.

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