A day like any other

Day 94
3.5 miles

Ordered new fenders and a rack-mounting rear light for the bike this morning (these fenders and this light). Thanks for the suggestions on the fenders, all. These stainless steel Velo-Orange numbers are going to look great on the bike. I got the rear light because my froggy can’t be trusted to maintain it’s upright position during the course of a night ride.

I set off earlier than usual this morning, around 7:30, and I was amazed at how much more traffic there is in my part of town around 8 a.m. than around 9 a.m. Then, I got to work and realized a crucial element of my outfit was missing, but made do with the sport version I had on.

The bike and I ended up getting a lift home, marking the first time the old Black Sheep has had the pleasure of riding on a bike rack. The fit was a little tricky, what with the “cruiser aesthetic” of my twin tubes that flank my frame.

P.S. A fellow biker/blogger is doing a survey on people’s biking habits for an upcoming blog post of his. It took me under three minutes. Go here to fill it out yourself.

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One thought on “A day like any other

  1. Thanks for the press! And thanks for taking the survey!


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