Lane rage

Day 95
3.5 down, 3.5 to go

I have to admit something to y’all, since the b(ike)log is all about full disclosure–ups/downs, triumphs/tribulations, I spare you no detail.

I was a bit of a hothead this morning on the way in. Yeah, me.

Here’s what happened:

I was sitting at a pretty busy intersection, waiting for the light to change. I was the first to arrive there, and carefully perched myself behind the crosswalk and enough to the right so that a car could turn right on red around me. You know, being considerate.

When along comes this girl (gosh, I hope you aren’t a reader, because you will know who you are… then again, I hope you are a reader so you will check yourself…); she breezes right in front of me (mind you, light’s still red) and comes to a stop right in the middle of the crosswalk and the middle of the street. Well, hello.

Before I proceed with the story, I guess I need to tell you something about me…

You know how Michael J. Fox’s character in Back to the Future (Marty!) goes a little apeshit anytime he’s called “Chicken?” Well, the same thing happens to me when someone cuts in line. Blood starts boiling, I shake a little and my mind starts exploding with one-line zingers to censure the cutter-in-line.

Which brings us back to the situation at hand…

This girl, she’s cut in line! I was here FIRST. I understand if you have some momentum behind you and the light is green–yeah, sure, go ahead! But if practicing the bike-as-traffic rule, you don’t just pull up in front of another biker, just like you wouldn’t pull around and ahead of a car that was stopped at a light. That’s just wrong.

Not to mention, what is the implication? Are you just so obviously a faster bike than me? Are you implying I’m FAT?! (I’m laughing as I write this.)

Then she makes another bold decision to run a red light, thus cutting in front of a stream of green arrow left-hand turners. Girl, you are making cyclists look bad.

As it turns out, when the light turns green and I start along down the lane, she’s just dinking along. And so I make a decision:

I’m. Passing. Her. RIGHT. Now.

And so I pass her, right there in the narrow bike lane with cars streaming by. Without so much as an “On your left” and maybe an expletive muttered underneath my breath.

Lane rage born of line rage. Who’s the jerk now?

There is an irony here, to boot. Seconds before all this went down, I had an idea that I’d write about my zen moments at intersections for today’s blog entry. All about how at intersections, particularly that one, I get a chance to be out in front with a 180-degree view of the street scene and really take in the park as it cycles through the seasons … Uh-huh, yeah.

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5 thoughts on “Lane rage

  1. Steve Hinkle says:

    I feel you, Erin! Bikers who ignore the rules of the road make the roads less safe for us all. We should take out their front wheel when we pass them! 🙂

    Its just hard to embody the kind of character we hope for in others!

  2. Aaron Martin says:

    That person sounds pretty messed…however giving the benefit of the doubt…Sometimes I will “cut in line” if the intersection doesn’t have any cars and it uses the magnetic induction coils to turn the light. Sometimes cyclists don’t know about these and will be sitting on the right side of the street waiting for the light to turn but it never will. This clearly was not the case in your situation because they don’t put those things in the crosswalk where your one stopped.

  3. Joe Campe says:

    Hilarious! I think you just described my biking tendencies. I hope I don’t cut you in line one of these days.

  4. BarefootMike says:

    I experience this same thing on a weekly basis in Portland. I think it is a pretty common happening.

  5. Cole says:

    Hey girl! Just want to say I love reading your blog so much I nominated it for the Liebster Blog Award:

    Also, I totally relate to this post. It totally gets me going when someone passes me even though they ride slower than me! Wait to see how fast I am, hello, then think about passing me. Lol. So let me know what Zen insights help you in this area!!


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