Everything’s relative

Day 102
7 miles

As I was leaving work today, the folks who saw me geared up to ride home in the snow gave me a look of consternation. Be careful, they warned.

We’re supposed to get several inches tonight here in Denver, but it was perfect snowglobe weather when I went outside — large flakes falling slow. None had really stuck on the road yet, so the only thing I was battling was the sting in my eyes (goggles! one of these days I’m going to pack the clear ski goggles my dad donated to the cause).

As I’m riding up 16th, I come across a fellow biker. Unlike me, wrapped in goretex and wool, this guy is wearing shorts. And people thought I was bold! I couldn’t resist saying something.

“Shorts!” I exclaimed.

“Yeeaaaaah,” he answered.

Only in Colorado? Probably not. But it’s why I love this place.

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One thought on “Everything’s relative

  1. BarefootMike says:

    I’m one of those guys who never wears pants when riding to/from work, even when it’s 26 degrees out like this morning.


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