A long December

Day 113

Happy New Year! I’ve got a good feeling about 2012.

Well, another month has passed by like scenery, and it’s time for a Month in Review.

December represents the fourth month of the bike challenge. It snowed quite a bit here in sunny Denver: two big dumps that took a week or more to melt away, and a few little dumps between them. I found myself carpooling more than ever, and that shows up in my mileage. Also, I slacked a bit on daily blogging toward the end of the month, which I resolve to cut out in the new year.

Here’s the brass tacks:

  • Just under 100 miles in December, 800 total
  • No spills, no flats, just a broken rear fender and a lost handlebar plug
  • Same gear, wanting a dayglo biker vest and a cell phone mount
  • 43 subscribers and 429 new hits this month, 3,938 all time
  • Fun quotient: 100%
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One thought on “A long December

  1. Mo says:

    keep it up Erin, you’re doing great! Of proud of you and inspired by you 😉


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