Just another January bike ride

Day 116
12 miles

Things I loved about today’s bike ride:

1) Dry streets
2) Needing only a sweatshirt to keep warm this morning
3) Catching every green light from Park Avenue to Grant
4) Noticing spontaneous parking gate synchronicity as I rode under to the Capitol lot
4) Causing a spontaneous disco party in the Capitol cafeteria with my flickering headlight
5) There being so many bikes in the bike closet this morning, I had to rearrange them to fit
6) Leaving work under a glorious beet red sunset
7) Hitting every pothole (ok, I didn’t love that)
8) Cutting through Cheesman Park
9) Finding a new route, learning new landmarks
10) Still comfortable in a just a sweatshirt at 9 p.m. in January

And I could make a list like this everyday.

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