Back in the saddle again

Day 130
7 miles

Greetings blogospherians! I’ve missed you. You’re likely wondering what has become of me. It’s 13 days since the last entry, you say. WTF?

Well, shucks. I took a lot of buses, carpools and walks over the past two weeks or so, and I didn’t really think you’d want to hear about all that. And I kind of wanted to whine a little bit about the cold, but I decided to spare you all that, too. Nobody likes a whiner.

Let’s get to the awesome things happening on the bike, shall we?

  • The ol’ Sheep has some kickin’ new Velo Orange fenders, specially mounted by the amazing Stephen at the Bike Depot.
  • I have new rear red lights so I’m extra visible now.
  • It’s supposed to be in the 50s all week.
  • There are so many people biking to work these days at the office that I waited in line for the locker room today.


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