Day 138

I’ve been thinking a lot about bike safety. For some reason, it’s all people can talk about with me lately.

It occurred to me the other night — as I almost hit a little old lady who got jittery while crossing at a 3-way intersection, and decided to walk backwards toward the sidewalk (where I was pedaling on through, sans jitters) — that all the dicey situations I have been in on a bicycle have come at intersections. And, simply put, it’s because none of us want to follow the rules.

Now for the awesome visual.

(World, why can’t I ever seem to embed a YouTube video like a pro? Thoughts?)


5 thoughts on “Intersections

  1. AGREED. Some of the worst situations are caused at intersections and I see two of the main problems. 1. people just not looking completely; you’ve got to look more than just quickly one way and then look the other as you are already proceeding into the intersection. That’s why I always try to confirm where the driver’s eyes went; they they didn’t pause on me for even a part of a second I initiate preliminary evasive maneuvers. and 2. (personal super frustration) drivers who stop following all intersection rules because a cyclist is present. Even if you are obeying proper intersection etiquette some drivers feel they have to “oblige you.” Also even if their intentions are genuinely considerate, departing from the established rules just throws a wrench in the whole mess and somebody doesn’t catch on or somebody else gets annoyed. Ah, well, it’s how we learn such excellent spacial awareness.

  2. Amy Neal says:

    Someone told me yesterday that they don’t like walking along the Platte trail because they’re afraid they’ll get hit by a bike. :/

  3. Aaron Martin says:

    Hopefully this should cheer you up!

    Safety is important but so is having fun!

  4. Aaron Martin says:

    And to embed you want h tee tee pee“youtube code”

  5. erin says:

    Wowee. Can’t wait to embed something!


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