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On the other free hand

Day 140

Not sure if y’all read the comments, so I’m promoting my friend Aaron’s fun reply to my last entry “Intersection” — which on further reflection should have been called “Safety Dance” (because who doesn’t love a chance to refer to Men Without Hats). He also taught me how to embed YouTube video. Awesome!


If only I had a helmet cam …

Day 76
50 miles or so

If only I had a helmet cam, y’all would have seen what a gorgeous day and a gorgeous ride it was. Sand Creek Trail was my favorite bit, for all the industrial trappings hanging overhead. On the Platte River trail, I just saw so many birds. And the rest was just a navigational adventure through suburban sprawl.

Awesome way to spend Thanksgiving day. Just awesome.

I’m not sure how many calories I burned over the four hours, but I have a feeling I broke even when it came to the evening feast.

And now I’m spent. Happy Thanksgiving and goodnight!

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Afternoon delight

Day 67
13 miles

I did something rather novel today: I biked for an hour on my lunch break. Definitely doing that again soon. Like maybe tomorrow. It’s the warmest part of the day and I can go exploring anywhere within a 4-mile radius and be back on time.

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