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A new passenger

Day 168
By foot

So, by the way, when Bike Denver first contacted me about the heroics in December, I was like “Yeehaw, that’s me!” But then, when late January rolled around and it was interview time, I was like, “Hey guys, I don’t feel like much of a bike hero, you should pick someone else.”

And that’s because this girl was under Doc’s orders to lay low and keep my feet on the ground for the better part of these past two months. As much as it sucked, there’s actually a wonderful reason behind this strict new regimen: I’m going to have a baby come August! (!!!)

Ah, it’s such a relief to finally share this news with you.

For a while there, I had overdone it a little and I understood the need to rest. While I still don’t own a car, I’ve been hopping aboard the carpool to work and back, accepting rides and occasionally borrowing one.

Now, I have the green light to exercise again, but my doc would prefer that I stayed off the bike commuting for the course of this pregnancy.

My initial reaction? Disobey.

I found an abundance of articles in the blogosphere on my side:

Bicycling Magazine’s Cycling for Women: Riding While Pregnant chapter

The Guardian’s Green Living Blog: Cycling While Pregnant Prepares Your Body for the Uphill Battle of Childbirth

Simply Bike’s Biking While Pregnant profiles

On the other hand, the doc is simply trying to keep me out of harm’s way and warning me that my center of gravity is changing.

I also get a lot of lectures lately from well-meaning friends who say things like: Its important to follow your doctor’s orders. Your body isn’t your own anymore. God forbid you fall!

Of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, too.

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A long December

Day 113

Happy New Year! I’ve got a good feeling about 2012.

Well, another month has passed by like scenery, and it’s time for a Month in Review.

December represents the fourth month of the bike challenge. It snowed quite a bit here in sunny Denver: two big dumps that took a week or more to melt away, and a few little dumps between them. I found myself carpooling more than ever, and that shows up in my mileage. Also, I slacked a bit on daily blogging toward the end of the month, which I resolve to cut out in the new year.

Here’s the brass tacks:

  • Just under 100 miles in December, 800 total
  • No spills, no flats, just a broken rear fender and a lost handlebar plug
  • Same gear, wanting a dayglo biker vest and a cell phone mount
  • 43 subscribers and 429 new hits this month, 3,938 all time
  • Fun quotient: 100%
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Day 83

Three months down, nine more to go. You guessed it right, ladies and gents: it’s time for another Month in Review!

As you recall from last month’s Month in Review, I was hellbent on saying YES to NO-vember. Though I didn’t write that novel in a month (#nanowrimofail), a shit-ton of other awesome things transpired, including, but not limited to:

-Starting a fantastic new job at the Capitol
-Becoming the editor (effective January) of my neighborhood paper
-Dating again and finding a gem right out of the shoot
-Losing 12 lbs, after months of “muscle gain”
-Not growing a Movember mustache (#chickvictory)

It was a super-moderate November, with copious sunshine and temperatures up into the 60s on many days. Reading back into my archives, I think it only snowed once, on the first. Oddly enough, it snowed Dec. 1 as well. Yesterday and today, I took advantage of an office carpool, but I hope to be back on the road next week.

Here’s the brass tax:

  • 204 miles in November, just over 700 total
  • No spills, no flats, 1 tune-up
  • No new gear
  • 807 blog hits this month, 3,509 all time
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