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Denver Bike Hero Award

Day 149

I am so tickled that Bike Denver decided to bestow their coveted Bike Hero honor for the month of February, 2012, on me! In addition to this sweet, diploma-sized certificate below, I have a giftcard to burn at Bicycle Village and its affiliates.

Denver Bike Hero Award from Bike Denver

Thank you, Bike Denver! If I ever have a trophy room, this will hang proudly.

Read the Bike Denver blurb here.

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Back in the saddle again

Day 130
7 miles

Greetings blogospherians! I’ve missed you. You’re likely wondering what has become of me. It’s 13 days since the last entry, you say. WTF?

Well, shucks. I took a lot of buses, carpools and walks over the past two weeks or so, and I didn’t really think you’d want to hear about all that. And I kind of wanted to whine a little bit about the cold, but I decided to spare you all that, too. Nobody likes a whiner.

Let’s get to the awesome things happening on the bike, shall we?

  • The ol’ Sheep has some kickin’ new Velo Orange fenders, specially mounted by the amazing Stephen at the Bike Depot.
  • I have new rear red lights so I’m extra visible now.
  • It’s supposed to be in the 50s all week.
  • There are so many people biking to work these days at the office that I waited in line for the locker room today.


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Just another January bike ride

Day 116
12 miles

Things I loved about today’s bike ride:

1) Dry streets
2) Needing only a sweatshirt to keep warm this morning
3) Catching every green light from Park Avenue to Grant
4) Noticing spontaneous parking gate synchronicity as I rode under to the Capitol lot
4) Causing a spontaneous disco party in the Capitol cafeteria with my flickering headlight
5) There being so many bikes in the bike closet this morning, I had to rearrange them to fit
6) Leaving work under a glorious beet red sunset
7) Hitting every pothole (ok, I didn’t love that)
8) Cutting through Cheesman Park
9) Finding a new route, learning new landmarks
10) Still comfortable in a just a sweatshirt at 9 p.m. in January

And I could make a list like this everyday.

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