Day 138

I’ve been thinking a lot about bike safety. For some reason, it’s all people can talk about with me lately.

It occurred to me the other night — as I almost hit a little old lady who got jittery while crossing at a 3-way intersection, and decided to walk backwards toward the sidewalk (where I was pedaling on through, sans jitters) — that all the dicey situations I have been in on a bicycle have come at intersections. And, simply put, it’s because none of us want to follow the rules.

Now for the awesome visual.

(World, why can’t I ever seem to embed a YouTube video like a pro? Thoughts?)


Back in the saddle again

Day 130
7 miles

Greetings blogospherians! I’ve missed you. You’re likely wondering what has become of me. It’s 13 days since the last entry, you say. WTF?

Well, shucks. I took a lot of buses, carpools and walks over the past two weeks or so, and I didn’t really think you’d want to hear about all that. And I kind of wanted to whine a little bit about the cold, but I decided to spare you all that, too. Nobody likes a whiner.

Let’s get to the awesome things happening on the bike, shall we?

  • The ol’ Sheep has some kickin’ new Velo Orange fenders, specially mounted by the amazing Stephen at the Bike Depot.
  • I have new rear red lights so I’m extra visible now.
  • It’s supposed to be in the 50s all week.
  • There are so many people biking to work these days at the office that I waited in line for the locker room today.


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Wonder fenders

Day 117
8 miles

Ended the day by leaving the bike at the ol’ Bike Depot where my sweet Velo Orange fenders are being installed tomorrow. Yesssss.

By popular review, the new stainless steel Velo Orange fenders